Safety and the Environment

General Petroleum constantly seeks to improve its safety through the procedures, processes and training programmes that are implemented in pursuit of our goal of ‘no harm to people and environment’.

Our commitment to safe, responsible and reliable operations starts with establishing the concept of continuous improvement to help drive systematic safety and reliability in our operations. Continuous improvement is empowering our operations managers and supervisors, who are closest to our operational problems, to develop the necessary actions and solutions.

Taking a systematic our operations management system covers all areas from process safety, to personal health, to environmental performance.

Safety and operations audits also assess compliance with standards and the effectiveness of operational risk management. The audits provide a check on safety and operations programmes.

Audit findings are categorize/reported quarterly. For the audit report findings, the audit team tracks actions, verifying that they have been completed and using subject matter where necessary.

We've developed the audit process against the requirements in our operating management system. We've also developed and delivered a training programme to prepare auditors for auditing and are completing the modification of all relevant information.

Audit team will monitor specific observations compliance with standards. Summary results are reviewed and reported to management and discussed the focus on past actions. The scope of audits is being redefined.

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