AAMA - American Automobile Manufacturers Association - formerly the MVMA (MotorVehicle Manufacturers Association) - USA


AAR - Association of American Railroads

ACEA - Association des Constructeurs Europeens d'Automobiles (Association of Automobile Constructors in Europe), formerly CCMC (Committee of Common Market Automobile Manufacturers)

AFNOR - Association Francaise de Normalisation (France)

AGMA - American Gear Manufacturers Association

AHEM - Association of Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers

ANSI - American National Standards Institute

API - American Petroleum Institute

ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials

ATC - Technical Committee of Petroleum Additive Manufacturers in Europe

ATF - Automatic transmission fluid

ATIEL - Association Technique de I'Industrie Europeenne des Lubricants

BMEP - Brake Mean Effective Pressure

BOCL - Ball On Cylinder Lubricant Evaluator(ASTM D5001)

BP - British Pharmacopoeia

BSI - British Standards Institution

BTC - British Technical Council of the Motor and Petroleum Industries

CAFE - Corporate average fuel economy (USA)

CARB - California Air Resources Board

CCMC - Committee of Common Market Automobile Constructors - now called ACEA - (Association of Automobile Constructors in Europe)

CCS - Cold cranking simulator

CEC - Coordinating European Council

CFC - Chlorofluorocarbon

CFPP - Cold filter plugging point

Cl - Compression ignition (engine)

CMA - Chemical Manufacturers Association (USA)

CNG - Compressed natural gas

COC - Cleveland Open Cup

CONCAWE - Conservation of Clean Air and Water - Europe

CRC - Coordinating Research Council (USA)

CVT - Continuously variable transmission

DEO - Diesel engine oil

DIN - Deutsches Institut fur Normung (Germany)

DOT - Department of Transport (USA)

EMA - Engine Manufacturers Association (USA)

EOLCS - Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System

EP - Extreme pressure

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency (USA)

FDA - Food and Drug Administration (US Government Authority)

FZG - Forschungsstelle fur Zahnrader and Getriebebau (Research Institute for Gears and Gear Design) (Germany)

GC - Gas chromatography

GLC - Gas liquid chromatography

HDDO - Heavy duty diesel engine oil

HDEO - Heavy duty engine oil

HDEOCP - Heavy Duty Engine Oil Classification Panel

HFC - Hydrochlorofluorocarbon

HPLC - High performance (or pressure) liquid chromatography

HTHS - High temperature high shear rate viscosity

HVAC - Heating, ventilation air conditioning (building services)

ICP - Inductively coupled plasma

IDI - Indirect diesel injection

ILMA - Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association

ILSAC - International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee

IP - The Institute of Petroleum (UK)

ISO - International Standards Organization

JAMA - Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association

JASO - Japanese Automobile Standards Organization

JIS - Japan Industry Standard

LC - Liquid chromatography

LFG - Landfill gas

LFGEO - Landfill gas engine oil

LMOA - Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association

LNG - Liquefied natural gas

LPG - Liquefied petroleum gas

MCL - Marine cylinder lubricant

MIL - U.S. Military specifications

MIRA - Motor Industry Research Association (UK)

MON - Motor octane number

MRV - Mini rotary viscometer

MSDS - Material safety data sheet

M5O - Marine system oil

MTAC - Multiple test acceptance criteria

MTBE - Methyl tertiary butyl ether

MVMA - Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association (USA) - now AAMA(American Automobile Manufacturers Association)

NGEO - Natural gas engine oil

NLGI - National Lubricating Grease Institute

NMMA - National Marine Manufacturers Association (USA)

NPRA - National Petroleum Refiners Association (USA)

OEM - Original equipment manufacturer

OPEC - Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

ORI - Octane requirement increase

PAG - Polyalkalene glycol synthetic fluid (used in some non-CFCrefrigerationsystems)

PAH - Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon

PAJ - Petroleum Association of Japan

PAO - Polyalphaolefin

PCEOCP - Passenger Car Engine Oil Classification Panel

PCMO - Passenger car motor oil

PIB - Polyisobutylene

PPD - Pour point depressant

PT - Permanent type antifreeze coolants

PTF - Powershift transmission fluid

RON - Research octane number

RVP - Reid Vapor Pressure

SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc

SHPD - Super high performance diesel (oil)

SI - Spark ignition (engine), or Systeme International d'Unites(International SystemforUnits)

SSI - Shear stability index

STLE - Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

STOU - Super tractor oil universal

TAME - Tertiary amyl methyl ether

TDH - Transmission, differential and hydraulic

THE - Tractor hydraulic fluid

TOST - Turbine oil stability test

TPEO - Trunk piston engine oil

USDA - US Department of Agriculture

USP - United States Pharmacopia

UTTO - Universal tractor transmission oil

VHVI - Very high viscosity index

VI - Viscosity index

VII - Viscosity index improver

ZDDP - Zinc dialkyl (or diaryl) dithiophosphate

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