Product Safety

General Petroleum produces quality products, which can be used safely and are accompanied by all necessary information.

Our customers who come into contact with our products have a right to expect that those products meet health, safety and environmental requirements. They expect to be provided with product information and support, including appropriate guidance on safe handling and any associated hazards or risks. We have highly qualified health, safety and environmental specialists to provide our business units and customers with expert advice on our products.

We assess our products prior to marketing, to identify any health, safety or environmental issues and to manage compliance with product safety legislation in intended markets.

Our product safety assessment starts with a review of the raw materials used to manufacture or formulate products. During the safety assessment, we consider published and unpublished information to reach conclusions on the hazard potential of our products.

The assessment also considers the potential for health or environmental impacts during product development, manufacturing, distribution, industrial or consumer use and eventual recovery or disposal. This evaluation identifies product health, safety and environmental risks for which additional risk management measures may be needed.

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