Process safety

General Petroleum is fully committed to applying good design principles and engineering, continue to operate and maintain practices to manage our operations safely.

Our Process Safety focuses on preventing fires, explosions and accidental chemical releases in processing facilities or other facilities dealing with hazardous materials during production installations. It refers to the prevention of unintentional releases of chemicals, energy, or other potentially dangerous materials (including steam) during the course of processing that can have a serious effect to the plant and environment.

Process safety involves, for example, the prevention of leaks, spills, equipment malfunction, over-pressures, over-temperatures, corrosion, metal fatigue and other similar conditions.

Our Process Safety programs focus on design and engineering of facilities, maintenance of equipment, effective alarms, effective control points, procedures and training. It is sometimes useful to consider Process Safety as the outcome or result of a wide range of technical, management and operational disciplines coming together in an organized way.

We have process safety reporting to track our progress in process safety management, we measure lagging indicators which record events that have already occurred, such as oil spills, and leading indicators that focus on the strength of our controls to prevent undesired incidents, such as inspections and tests of safety critical equipment.

We've introduced several metrics designed to enhance our monitoring of process safety performance. For example, in 2008, we implemented a process safety incident index which uses weighted severity scores to record and assess process safety events, and a measure to record any loss of hydrocarbon from primary containment.

We are progressively moving towards indicators which will record any unplanned or uncontrolled release of material from vessels and pipes. We believe this would provide a more comprehensive and better performance indicator of the safety and integrity of our facilities.

We continue to work and share our learning with other organizations within and outside the oil and gas industry. We monitor and report on major incidents, such as those covering fatal accidents, significant property damage or significant environmental impact.

We undertake incident investigations to ensure we learn as much as possible and take action to prevent reoccurrence.

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